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Floral Painting | Original Canvas Painting

- 24 x 34"

- Stretched canvas

- Canvas comes signed and dated on the back.

- Original painting comes with certificate of authenticy signed by Evelyn Gold


-  Please bare in mind colors might be slightly different due to different monitor color profiles*

Terms of Sale – Purchasers of prints or copies of a work have the right to use the acquired print or copy for non-commercial use only; purchaser acquires no rights to reproduce such print or copy for any purpose absent written consent of Evelyn Gold. Purchasers of original works of art have the right to display or use the acquired original work for non-commercial use only and do not acquire rights to reproduce the image. Seller retains the right to the image including the exclusive rights to reproduce prints or copies for sale. By entering into a transaction to purchase a print, copy, or original, purchaser agrees to these terms. Any purchaser seeking exclusive rights to a particular work is asked to contact Evelyn directly.

The Lover's Bouquet

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