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Picture of Artist Evelyn Gold

Artist Evelyn Gold is a creative business based in San Francisco, California. This female-owned business was founded in 2019. It was created from Evelyn's desire to bring color and joy into people's homes.


Evelyn's art is inspired by her love of nature, travel, and Argentine culture. Her appreciation of mixed media art came from her mother, who is a textile artist and interior designer. They work together to design and make these one of a kind products. 


Our love of mother nature is at the heart of everything we do. We use recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable materials where possible. 


All of our products are made and packaged in our studio in San Francisco, California. All our products are lovingly handmade and designed by the artist and her mother.


We use rigid mailers constructed from 100% recycled paperboard

(90% of which is post-consumer recycled content). Protective plastic bags are made from plant based PLA material.


Image of a commissioned painting capturing the beauty of Santa Barbara, California. The painting depicts the iconic red-tile rooftops and white stucco buildings characteristic of the city's architecture. The blue ocean can be seen in the distance, adding depth and dimension to the painting. The painting is rendered in a vivid and colorful style, with skillful brushwork and attention to detail. The painting is framed in a simple yet elegant wooden frame, adding to its classic and timeless aesthetic. The image exudes the charm and allure of Santa Barbara, inviting the viewer to explore and appreciate the beauty of the city.
If you would like to request a commissioned painting, please submit the form below. Please provide a detailed description of what you would like created and the date needed.

Thank you!

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