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Silk Scrunchies

Pack of 2 regular size scrunchies

100% Charmeuse Silk Hair Scrunchies.

This handmade 2 pack comes beautifully packaged making it the perfect gift for anyone who wants to take care of their hair!


Pack of Two Handmade Silk Scrunchies - a luxurious and stylish accessory for your hair. Created by the talented artist herself, the fabric used in these scrunchies features an exclusive design that showcases the artist's unique artistic vision. Crafted with love and care, each silk scrunchie is handmade by the artist's mother, a skilled seamstress. This collaboration between artist and seamstress ensures that every scrunchie is crafted to perfection, using the highest quality materials and paying attention to every detail.

Silk Scrunchies (Pack of 2)

Only 1 left in stock
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